Today I am going to talk about OceanWP , the last WordPress theme that I have tried and has removed something inside (and they are not nausea).

Something that did not happen to me since I tried the Premium version of GeneratePress , and how could it be in a way, I have not resisted coming to talk about it so you know it thoroughly.

I have been using it for a short time, but it has already become one of my favorites and I have included it in my toolbox to design client and own websites.

To start, I’m going to put a little in situation and I’ll explain where this theme comes from.

OceanWP has been developed by Nicolas, Nick for friends, a boy from France, who went from not knowing how to create a blog in 2012, to create his own WordPress theme in 2016.

Before creating it, he worked a season in a company developing and selling themes, and then another season doing web design with WordPress for clients.

¿Quieres lo mejor para tu web y tu proyecto online?

Pues será mejor que eches un ojo a las mejores herramientas de creación y diseño web.

Luego no digas que no te lo advertí...

And since he did not find a topic that would make him the weight, he decided to create his own by adding all the features that he missed in the topics that were at the time.

And that’s how Ocean wp was born , a free theme that you can install right now from the WordPress repository, and that also has payment extensions to make it even better.

The good news is that she gets along great with Elementor, both form a spectacular combination, like GeneratePress + Elementor . Also with other WordPress layouters, but I always use this one. In fact, when you instruct the subject, you get a recommendation saying that you install Elementor.

And as always, we will review the functionality of the theme in its free version.

OceanWP in its free version

What is most surprising of OceanWP in its free version, are the enormous possibilities of personalization that it has. You can download it from here .

It is the subject that more options to customize your website has without having to drop a cent, at least of those that I have tried.

You can configure all the options from the WordPress customizer. With the series theme, it is the only place where you can go for it. In a while we will see how to increase your chances.

What can you customize with the free version?

  1. The structure of the web (width, position of the lateral bar (s) )
  2. The typography of all the elements of the web (body, each one of the headings, menu, titles of the pages, headings of the widgets, etc, etc).
  3. You can use a top bar to add icons that link to your social networks, as well as any other content you want, such as a phone, email or personalized text.
  4. You have seven different ways to display the header and menu of the web, as well as the possibility of creating a custom template. In addition, you can choose your size, margin, mobile display, etc.
  5. The structure of the blog page, that is, where all the entries are displayed. You can choose the position of the sidebar, what data to show or hide (author, date, category, comments, etc). You can also choose between three different ways to display the entries (large image, grid form, or thumbnails, one entry below the other).
  6. The same as the previous point but in each of the blog entries.
  7. Change colors to any element of the web (header, menu, titles, sidebar, footer … anything).
  8. Change the typography of each of the elements of the web (same as the previous point).
  9. The configuration of the footer widgets, as well as the customization of the copyright text.
  10. Change the configuration and visualization of some elements for tablet and smartphone.
  11. Many more details.

That is roughly what you can do with OceanWP for free, but if something good is free, you can try it right now and draw your own conclusions, so what are you waiting for? 😉

Ocean Extra

When you install OceanWP, a message-suggestion appears indicating that you are recommended to install the Ocean Extra plugin .

And if you want to get even more out of OceanWP, you better pay attention to it and install it.

Ocean Extra is one of the free extensions that add interesting features to the theme.

What can you do with it?

Well, many things, but the first thing you will notice when installing it is that a new tab appears in the WordPress administrator called “Theme Panel”.

From there, the first thing you can do is disable the customization options that you will not need. This will help you to remove “ballast” to the web and improve the loading speed.


ocean wordpress


Besides, there are shortcuts to the personalizer for some of the most common options, such as changing the logo, choosing the primary color of the web, or selecting the typeface.

Another interesting function is to be able to activate or deactivate scripts that are executed. It is also recommended to disable scripts that you will not use to save resources.


ocean wp theme


And on the other hand, another very interesting thing that Ocean Extra adds, is the possibility of customizing the structure and styles of each page and entry.

At the end of each page and entry, now appear some options from which you can customize:

  1. The main design of the page (position of the sidebar, put the full width, footer design, etc).
  2. Add shortcodes in various places on the page (before or after the top bar, before or after the header, before or after the title, etc).
  3. Customize the style of the header, as well as hide it (also the top bar).
  4. Show a different logo and modify its size for different devices.
  5. Customize the style of the menu and social icons, as well as put a different menu.
  6. Customize the title and subtitles of the page.
  7. Show or hide the bread crumbs for that page and customize its style.
  8. Show or hide the widgets of the footer and the copyright message.


ocean wp


Come on, I think they have not left anything to customize. You can give specific pages of the style you want without problem.

Other free extensions of OceanWP

Ocean Extra is not the only extension that you can install for free to increase the chances of OceanWP .

There are other more specific ones that you can install if you need them. These are:

  1. Posts Slider : to create sliders with several images and add texts and call-to-action buttons.
  2. Modal Window : with this extension you can get when someone clicks on a text or element of the page, a pop-up window appears with the content you want, including shortcodes (to add contact or subscription forms, etc).
  3. Custom Sidebar : to create as many sidebars as you want and put the widgets you want to each of them.
  4. Social Sharing : You can add buttons in each entry for people to share on their social networks. It has the main social networks that exist and you can customize the style of the buttons.
  5. Product Sharing : just like the previous one, with this extension you can add social buttons in WooCommerce products. On this occasion it only includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email.
  6. Demo import : with this extension you can install in a single click demos of webs already made with OceanWP to only have to modify them adding your texts and images if you want.

Payment extensions of OceanWP

Well, we have seen all the possibilities offered by OceanWP in its free version, which are not few, by the way.

But as I mentioned before, you also have several payment extensions that you can buy separately or in a pack called Core Extensions Bundle .

Some of them are very specific and you may not need them, but others are very useful for any website and give you that special and professional touch you need.

These are all the payment extensions that currently exist:

Popup Login

It allows you to add a sign-in or registration form anywhere by means of a popup and give it the style you want.

It’s fine because you can put it in the menu, for example, and that the user can access your website without having to take it to a new page.


oceanwp login popup



This extension connects to your instagram account and allows you to show the photos you hang in that network on your website.

Also, the way to show the photos is quite similar to instagram, showing the likes and comments that a photo has had, although it is quite customizable and you can give it different styles.

You can also show your username, the number of followers and followed, the information of your biography and a button to follow you directly.


ocean portfolio


White Label

This extension is useful and beneficial especially if you are a web designer and do websites for clients.

You can replace the name of the theme, that is, the text “OceanWP” for your company or your brand.

You can also put your name as author of the subject and the URL of your website as the author’s website.

What do you get with this?

Well, let your name and your brand appear in all the places you choose instead of the name of the subject or the name of the original author.

You can even change the default image of the theme (the one that appears in “Appearance – Themes”) for the image that you want easily.


ocean theme white label



His name says it all. An extension to create a portfolio of works very visual and with ample viewing possibilities.

You can activate or deactivate a category filter so that the user can select one and only see the jobs in that category.

You can also add texts and icons when you mouse over the elements, choose how many columns you want, etc., etc.


ocean wp wordpress instagram


Woo Popup

If you have an online store with WooCommerce or want to improve your customers, this extension is ideal, because with it you can show a popup every time a user adds a product to the cart, something that does not make WooCommerce series.

You know, with the typical text indicating that the product has been added to the cart and with buttons to continue buying or go directly to the cart.

You can put the texts you want and give them the style you prefer, control the radius of the edges, etc.

But if you do not settle for that, you can choose an Elementor template or any other WordPress layout and replace it with that message.


woo popup oceanwp


Sticky Footer

With this you will be able to put a fixed bar in the footer, in the area below the screen, that is, that is always visible to the user.

You can add a menu or text, and of course, customize the colors. You can also show it or hide it on mobile devices.


sticky footer ocean


Sticky Header

This is perhaps best known and used in many websites around the world. It basically allows you to keep the head of the web fixed while the user moves down, so that it always stays in your sight.

You can customize some things in that bar that stays fixed, such as the logo you want to be displayed, the colors, the opacity, whether it will be seen in mobile phones or not, if you want the top bar to remain fixed, etc.

One of the payment extensions that I like the most.


oceanwp sticky header


Ocean Hooks

If you are someone who likes to add custom elements to the topics through code, this extension can not be missing with OceanWP.

What it does is create a page in the WordPress administration area where you can put hooks in various places in the template.

In the header, before and after the header, the top bar, before and after the menu, etc., etc.

The good thing is that you can choose if you want it to be shown on all the pages or in some specific ones.


ocean hooks


Side Panel

This is also an interesting extension that allows you to add a sidebar that users can hide and / or show through a button.

It does not matter if you have the “normal” sidebar of OceanWP configured, you can add this extra sidebar.

In it, you can add all the widgets you want and customize it, from the width you want to have to its colors.


side panel


Footer Callout

With Footer Callout you will be able to put calls to action right on top of the footer.

Create a section where you can put the text you want and one or more buttons to encourage people to take an action.

As always, you can customize the styles and choose which pages will be displayed. A very useful extension, without a doubt.


ocean footer callout


Elementor Widgets

And if all we just saw is not enough, this extension adds new modules to Elementor to use in your pages and entries.

Among the things that add are boxes of different colors to show ads, a carousel with blog entries, a new way to display blog entries in a grid, a widget to start and close session, another to show subscription forms , etc.


ocean wp elementor widgets


Price of the extensions

OceanWP extensions have several payment methods.

To begin, you should know that you can buy each of them separately. And for each extension, you can choose three options:

  1. License for a single website for $ 9.99.
  2. License for 5 websites for $ 15.99.
  3. License for 20 websites for $ 24.99.

With these licenses you have updates and support for one year. After that time, you will have to pay again to continue receiving updates.

But of course, you can also buy all the extensions together, which comes more to mind than if you bought them separately.

Here you can choose between buying the renewable license, with which you have updates and support for one year, or a lifetime license, with which you pay only once and receive updates and support always. You can see them here and choose the payment method yourself (Annual – Lifetime).

The prices of the renewable are:

  1. License for a single website for $ 39.
  2. License for 3 websites for $ 79.
  3. License for unlimited websites for $ 129.

The good thing if you choose this payment method is that you get a 30% discount on the renewal of the license.

The prices of the license for life are:

  1. License for a single website for $ 159.
  2. License for 3 websites for $ 319.
  3. License for unlimited websites for $ 519.

If you are a web designer, you should take the license for unlimited websites, whatever the mode you choose.

These plans also give you access to download their demos on your website.


Well another topic that goes to the list of the best I’ve tried. OceanWP is a very customizable, light and versatile theme that will delight anyone who tries it.

Obviously, I will not replace Divi or GeneratePress, since depending on the project, one or the other is better.

But he will stay with me for a long time. I have not yet tried it in depth, but little by little I will use it better to squeeze it to the fullest.

And you, have you already tried Ocean WP for WordPress? What do you think?